Call for blog submissions:

Share your fieldwork experience with other students and researchers by submitting a blog post to!

About Fieldwork is key to anthropology. However, as much as anthropologists prepare for the field, it is often messy, frustrating, and full of unexpected challenges. At the same time it also when we open our minds, change directions, and become energized by the work we get to do. This blog provides a space for anthropologists and other scientists engaging in ethnographic fieldwork to share methodological experiences. Anthropological and ethnographic methods courses are great starting points to outline what one can and should do in the field. But it is often in the field that what is learned in classrooms and books begins to take shape. This blog is a forum for researchers to share what worked or didn’t work for them, logistical questions, and how we learn to make the necessary adjustments while in the field.

We accept posts from students of any level in anthropology or a discipline that uses ethnographic methods. Please contact to submit a draft or to ask any questions about submitting drafts.

Blog posts should be between 600-1500 words on ethnographic methods topics not limited to:

  • Gaining access to a field/interlocutors
  • Interviews
  • Fieldnotes
  • Working in archives
  • Hardships/Insurmountable challenges
  • Daily life as a researcher
  • Theory and praxis in the field
  • Pre-research preparations
  • Reciprocity

And any other topic related to fieldwork experiences and ethnographic field methods that you think readers will benefit from in their own research.

Please include a brief (150 word) bio and profile picture with your submission.

Drafts will be accepted on a rolling submission basis. Please email drafts and questions to:


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